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Lean And Mean Fitness and Lean And mean Bootcamp is Based In Huddersfiled. Our Priority is to offer you an experience that delivers Maximum results, delivering the highest standard of customer service. At lean And Mean Fitness we want to make sure you receive only the best. Your initial consultation will be conducted at our Purpose designed facility in Huddersfield, so we can discuss how Lean And Mean Fitness can help you.
At this meeting we will delve in to your goals, uncover your “Why” and What has made this so Important to you Now, it also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions. You will be shown around the facility so you get an ideal opportunity to see how we can Help You . This allows us to show you why Lean And Mean Fitness 1-1 coaching , Semi-private coaching and Bootcamp is like nothing else you may have done before.

At Lean And Mean Fitness we can ensure you that we will deliver the results you are looking for. We offer the reassurance and support so you need only focus on the goal ahead and let us do what we do best which is to provide you with the optimum methods and environment in which to achieve the results

As you begin to change and your body’s appearance changes, and therefore so will your Needs. This is why regular monitoring  is essential and the flexability to change is imperative so you  get YOUR results. Setting short term and long term goals within your sessions and at home will keep you motivated focused and moving forward. Together we will log and follow your results on a regular basis MOST importantly you will look, feel and and Move better than you have in years. We Look forward to welcoming you into one of our programmes and into the Lean And Mean Family..

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Have you ever heard the phrase “Abs are made In The Kitchen”? Well this is absolutely true, at Lean and Mean Fitness we take away the stress of what and how to eat for RESULTS with our amazing 140 Clean Eating Recipe Cookbook full of superb, easy to prepare and really tasty meals, snacks and even deserts to make it even simpler for YOU to attain the body you desire.

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  • When I started at Lean & Mean Bootcamp, I was in poor shape and hadn’t tried anything like it before. I’d been attending gyms for years and never really achieved anything; this made me hesitant about starting a ‘bootcamp’ because that was the sort of thing really fit people do, right? A friend recommended Lean & Mean to me, and I ummed and ahhed for a bit before picking up the phone, but I am delighted that I did. Coach Trev was really helpful and supportive from the start, and has been a consistently positive influence on my fitness and wellbeing ever since. The team is an awesome bunch of people, at all levels of fitness, and everyone is really welcoming and encouraging. Lean & Mean Bootcamp has made me much fitter, stronger, less stressed, and lose 2.5 stones of weight & 4 inches of belly along the way. It’s worth every penny and I really cannot recommend it enough.
    James Joseph James Joseph
  • Since starting bootcamp I have never looked back. Although apprehensive about starting such an energetic exercise class I need not have worried. The classes cater for all levels of fitness and are varied and fun! It is great exercising outdoors instead of a sweaty gym and the support of Trevor and the other bootcampers keeps me going. I always feel better after a class and feel I have improved fitness levels, feel healthier and more toned up. I also have made new friends and even though I don't always think it in the middle of a class...I enjoy every minute! ☺️
    Julie Ann Michelle Scholefield Julie Ann Michelle Scholefield
  • In October 2014, I left the RAF after 14 years. I had never enjoyed the forced physical training and the Military PTI motivation methods. I didn’t really train for two years after leaving and gained a lot of weight to the point where I weighed 21 stone with a 42 to 44 inch waistline. I started to try and do something by myself, I tried the gym, I tried running but I felt out of place due to being really heavy. I had basically lost all confidence in ever regaining my fitness. My partner and I got engaged in October 2016 and set a wedding date of 23rd of September 2017. I decided that I didn’t want to look the way I did in my wedding suit. I saw an advert for Lean and Mean Bootcamp and thought it looked a good way to go. Trevor phoned me back the day after and after a short chat on the phone I was immediately motivated. I attended my first session with Trevor and was immediately made to feel welcome and the atmosphere around the guys really helped my motivation. Within a couple of sessions I had found my love for training again, I was looking forward to the sessions and thoroughly enjoying them. Trevor and his Lean and Mean brand does not just stop with the straining sessions, he has really helped me with identifying what to eat and when. His knowledge of nutrition and the science of eating is amazing.  A couple of months in to my journey I approached Trevor around struggling with breakfast and what to eat. Trevor gave me some ideas and I now enjoy protein rich breakfast every morning. Applying these small and easy to stick to nutrition changes really was the catalyst that kickstarted my journey. I highly recommend Trevor and the Lean and Mean Journey for anyone struggling with weight, fitness and self-confidence issues. Since I started at Lean and Mean, I have lost over 3 stone with a 36 to 38 inch waistline, I have got fitter and stronger both physically and mentally. I am more confident in everyday life and have a better outlook on life. Lean and Mean Bootcamp is no longer something I do, it really is an integral part of my life.
    Chris Crowther Chris Crowther

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